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This site is created and administered by Alive, Ltd., a nonprofit organization with a mission of sharing restorative practices with individuals and organizations.

Patricia Katherine Novick, Ph.D., D.Min., is executive director of Alive, Ltd. She consults to organizations on restorative practices and advises individuals on mind/body/spirit integration. Among other things, she is a Senior Fellow at Harvardís Center for the Study of World Religions, she founded and directed the first degree-granting program in holistic health in the United States, and she is currently a principal with Quality Life Training, which provides self-care training for nursing professionals.

Jerry de Jaager is a researcher, trainer, consultant, and writer. He taught at Yale, where he was rated among the ten best teachers, and attended Yale Law School.

Alive, Ltd. recently organized the project, Women Alive! Pioneers of Social Justice, in Chicago.


We welcome your comments, suggestions, and inquiries.

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